Empire star Jussie Smollett serves as executive producer of Giants, a coming of adulthood drama series streaming on Issa Rae’s (HBO’s Insecure) YouTube Channel. Created by actor, writer, director James Bland, the series follows three black millennials (Malachi, Journee and Ade) each battling their own inner giant as they approach the age 30.

The series transcends the typical coming of age story by pushing new boundaries of very real issues including mental health, sexual identity, religious skepticism and unorthodox methods of economic survival.

The first season has accumulated over 800,000 views across its six-episode arc on YouTube and a video of series star Vanessa Baden Kelly discussing how Christians and the black community often trivialize mental illness has soared to 3.2 million views on Facebook. The viewership has shown that there’s an audience seeking diverse content that speaks to their experience and gives voice to stigmatized issues often battled in silence.