Too Broke to be Whole

Episode 125:41

When Journee’s mental illness becomes too much for her sister, she is forced to crash with her best friend Malachi, a sex worker, who has already over-stayed his welcome with Ade — his closeted gay buddy who is secretly in love with him. Can the three of them coexist in a tiny one bedroom apartment while facing their individual crises?



J. August Richards


James Bland


Takara Joseph
CJ Faison

Executive Producer

Jussie Smollett
James Bland

Lead Cast

James Bland
Vanessa Baden Kelly
Sean Samuels
Will Cattlett
Joy McElveen

Supporting Cast

Tanee McCall
Waylynn Pitts
Jordan Lee Brown
Keir Thirus
Bambadjan Bamba

Director of Photography

Diego Madrigal

Production Designer

Rosco Spears


Jon Wilson

Associate Producers

Davia Carter

Costume Designer

Apuje Kalu

Music Composer

Austin Wintory

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